We make food to make people happy

Food served with good vibes and warm welcoming smiles

Bringing Peru
to Norway

Limón was born from the desire to present the traditional Peruvian dish, ceviche, with a touch of Norwegian taste.

We started Limón because we think ceviche is so good that it deserves to be a new food favourite in Norway. From then on it expanded, and we wanted to focus on traditional dishes from other cultures but use high quality ingredients and flavours from Norway.

Visit our restaurants and explore our healthy and delicious options.

You will find us at:


Hegdehaugsveien 27

Jernbanetorget 6 (1.etg)

We can also be found in Foodora and Wolt.

Working together with humility, respect, and a smile

We want to serve our clients only with good vibes, through our healthy and colourful bowls, our warm and welcoming smiles and the design of our stores.

We always think big as we want to get the best out of this journey. We believe that sustainable success is built on fair relations between us, the customers, and the suppliers. We believe that we win only if we play together with humility, respect, and a smile. We deeply feel and commit ourselves to our purpose of nourishing the world with positivity and well-being.