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We serve poke bowls, ceviche, smoothies and smoothie bowls, wraps and subs and everything that works with it. Have a look at our menu and place your order online or contact us for planning a tasteful event.

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International food with a touch of Norwegian taste

Fresh and delicious ceviche, poke, smoothies and smoothie bowls, subs and wraps


Ingredients as familiar as salmon are called to the table, among many dishes inspired by new ways of preparing and tasting fish and vegetables. The South American tradition of Ceviche is joined by typical European, Asian and tropical flavours. Ceviche is citrus marinated raw fish of sushi quality, served with refreshing greens such as tomato, coriander, cucumber, pickled red onion and more deliciousness.


Our pokes are served with Japanese rice, washed and seasoned with our rice vinegar recipe. Afterwards, they are sprinkled with toppings like sesame seeds or furikake. The fresh fish, vegetables and fruits are seasoned with our poke sauce, which allows for perfect consistency, ensuring that you can taste the flavour of soy and citrus fruits in every mouthful!

Smoothie bowl

The biggest difference between a smoothie and a smoothie bowl is that smoothie bowls have toppings, such as granola, nuts, and fresh fruit, whereas normal smoothies don’t. Smoothie bowls are healthy because you can make them without any added sugar, ice cream or frozen yogurt, and is a wonderful choice for breakfrast. Our smoothie bowls are made with a base of frozen fruit and have different nutrient packed add-ins such as greens, nut butter, seeds, and coconut milk.

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